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Contact Your Debtors with Field Agent Services in New Brunswick

Are you a field services company looking for a field agent to conduct door knocks to establish contact with a debtor for a client? 

Hood Provincial Document Service can assist as a field agent by attending a debtor address with the goal of meeting face to face with delinquent borrowers. Our clients trust us to provide the highest quality of service. Contacting and updating information is what we can do, and we’re here for you.

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Effective Door Knocks

Utilizing door knocks is a cost-effective way for lenders to communicate with debtors when phone calls, emails and mail are ineffective.


By attending the debtor's address, we can:

Confirm whether or not the debtor still resides at that location.

Conduct an interview with the debtor to obtain up-to-date phone numbers, current employment information, location of collateral, etc.

Obtain reason(s) for their delinquency

Hand deliver a contact letter of urgency from the creditor.

Conduct an occupancy check to determine if the residence is vacant and to document the condition of the residence and property.

Locate a vehicle or other collateral and establish the condition of that property.

Obtain photographs of the residence and property if required

Speak with neighbours to obtain any further information if unable to locate the debtor.

Hood Provincial Document Service remains committed to the primary goal of having the debtor make contact with your client. We will ensure that debtor confidentiality is always maintained.

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Committed to Establishing Contact

We offer field agent services to meet debtors by utilizing door knocks for effective contact.

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